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Articles on Tai Chi and other Chinese Martial Arts

Master Bow Sim Mark

In 1975, Master Mark established the Chinese Wushu Research Institute in Boston’s Chinatown. She was the first to use the term Wushu for teaching in the U.S. For several decades, Master Mark concentrated on the areas of teaching, publication, performance and choreography. During this period, she has been interviewed by major media and has also participated in many, diverse, large and small performances to introduce the culture of Chinese Wushu. She has become a world-renowned Wushu artist.

Inside Kung Fu

  • 2003 One of “Thirty Most Influential Masters of the Past Thirty Years”
  • 2001 Making Her Mark in Beijing
  • 2000 One of “One Hundred Most Influential Artists of the Millennium”
  • 1994 and 1996 “Woman of the Year”

Black Belt

  • 2000 One of the “Most Influential Arts Masters of the Twentieth Century”
  • 1995 Inducted into the Hall of Fame and “Kung Fu Artist of the Year”

Sojourner Award

2003 Chinese Historical Society of New England

Gold Medallist

  • 1984 International Tai Chi Gold Medallist (China)

Recent Performance and Activities

  • 2003 Master Mark was invited to the SW/Texas PCA/ACA (Southwest/Texas Popular Culture American Culture Associations) in New Mexico and exchanged ideas with other performing artists.
  • 2002 She was invited as an honorable guest at the Chin Woo Association 80th Anniversary Celebration in Hong Kong.
  • 2000 In May, Master Mark was invited to participate in the Opening Ceremonies of the 5th World Wushu Festival in Shanghai. At the Opening Ceremonies, she and her students performed part of “Wang Zhau Jun,” which was broadcast on live TV in Shanghai. After the Festival, the host organization organized a research conference at which they gave Master Mark and her students much recognition and encouragement and increased their confidence.

Creative Works

Master Mark used Wushu language to choreograph the Quest of the Magic Herb and also worked with the Department of Performing Arts at Emerson College and choreographed “Asian Tempest”, “Wang Zhau Jun” and other Wushu theatrical productions. Master Mark choreographed Tai Chi Ribbon to vividly present the characteristics of Tai Chi. She created a set of forms with teaching materials to establish a complete system of teaching Tai Chi. She also researched and created a “Tai Chi Basic Exercise” and the “Tai Chi Monkey Turtle Back Exercise,” which are very effective for shoulders, waists, back, and knees. They are very helpful for all students. Master Mark is a living example of how these forms improve and maintain health and delay aging.
She choreographed “Song of Yang Quan” and other sword forms to increase the range of Wu Dang Sword’s artistic values in performance.


Master Mark is the author of “Combined Tai Chi Chuan”, “Wushu Basic Training Exercises”, and over 20 Wushu books, posters, and instructional VCD or videotapes, which are distributed all over the world.

Master Mark published the first book on Combined Tai Chi Chuan in Chinese, English and French. The Chinese National Athletic Committee developed Combined Tai Chi Chuan, and the Committee praised Mark’s publication in 1984.

Instructor – Master Mark has taught at many schools, including:
Boston University (1986 to 2002), where she introduced Tai Chi and Wushu into the university curriculum as part of the physical education requirements, and continued to extend the presentation of Tai Chi in the university;
American Repertory Theatre at Harvard University (1992–94) and Various Chinese schools.


Chinese Wushu Research Institute (1975)
Bow Sim Mark Tai Chi Arts Association (1995) with twenty-three branches in the US, Europe, Hong Kong, and other countries. It has been Master Mark’s objective to emphasize the artistic aspect of Tai Chi Chuan. It is her passion to promote Tai Chi as an art and to continuously refine this art form. By doing so, we can enhance the elegance of the Tai Chi Art and raise its popularity as a way to improve the health and well-being of all. This is the view embraced by all members of the Association.

Trainer of Champions

Donnie Yen, her son, is a movie actor, director, producer, and martial arts choreographer.
Nick Gracenin, her student, has won several international competition events, and was Vice President of the International Wushu Federation from 1985 to 1999.
Chi Ching Yen, her daughter, was awarded 3rd place in the Women’s All-Round Division at the First International Wushu Competition in 1985.
Jean Lukitsh, her student, was silver medallist in Tai Chi in the First International Tai Chi Chuan (Sword) Competition in 1984.
Dr. Cecilia Wong, her student, was awarded the best demonstration prize for Tai Chi Sword in the Fifth World Grand Wushu Festival held in May 2000 in Shanghai.

Interviews by the Media

In 1973, in Hong Kong, Master Mark discussed Wu Dang Sword in an interview printed in the last edition of the China Mail, a publication with 139 years of history. Thirty years later, an article in the Boston Globe praised her Wu Dang Sword. The Discovery Channel from California interviewed her, and Korea’s first TV station from Seoul came to Boston to interview her. Other TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, and magazines interviewed Master Mark regarding Tai Chi Chuan, her publications, and Wu Dang Sword. Master Mark’s Wu Dang Sword photos were on the cover of Wushu magazines on seven times in the past nine years.


School Picture

Donnie and Cissy Yen at Hong Kong Film Awards

Donnie and Cissy Yen at Hong Kong Film Awards