Hg sponsors PowerUP to help disadvantaged youth


Sponsorship from Hg, a leading global investor in software and services, will fully fund 200 martial arts scholarships for underprivileged youth in Atlanta.

“At Hg, we have sought to support organizations that have a measurable long-term impact in education and technology. PowerUP is exactly that.

– Nic Humphries, Executive Chairman and Senior Partner at Hg

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, September 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – PowerUP Scholarship Fund, Inc. (“PowerUP”), an Atlanta-based mentorship program for underprivileged youth, announces Black Belt level sponsorship “from Hg, a leading global investor in software and services.

Hg’s contribution will fully fund 200 scholarships for underprivileged youth in Atlanta to train with PowerUP’s highly skilled senseis, and support investments in people and systems to support growth.

PowerUP partners with senseis martial arts for their dedication to the education and self-development of at-risk youth. PowerUP senseis are able to effectively supervise 30 to 60 children with proven results. The core values ​​that PowerUP teaches through its senseis are SELF-CONTROL, RESILIENCE and RESPECT. Martial arts are unique among other sporting activities in that these values ​​are deeply rooted in training and culture.

With its highly scalable model, PowerUP more than doubled the number of students served in the first semester of 2021, from 70 to over 160 students. With Hg’s contribution, PowerUP plans to double again over the next year.

PowerUP’s focus on core values ​​complements the work Hg supports through the Hg Foundation, a charitable foundation that supports those who might otherwise face barriers to accessing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

“We are thrilled to have Hg’s endorsement. The fact that a global investment firm is sponsoring what is today an Atlanta-based mentorship program is a testament to the scalability of the model we have built and the potential of the program outside of North America.
Austin Scee, PowerUP co-founder

As a software-focused investor, Hg also values ​​the PowerUP business model in how the organization collects and uses data. The data collected by PowerUP can be used to better understand the effectiveness of martial arts training in promoting PowerUP’s core values ​​and contributing to the lifelong success of its scholarship students.

“This is a critical time for technological education and skills development, in North America and around the world. At Hg, we have focused a lot on this area in recent years and have sought to support organizations that have a measurable long-term impact in education and technology. PowerUP is exactly that. We got to know Austin and the history of PowerUP through Hg’s relationship with Austin for-profit company, Razorhorse Capital. Austin has built a unique data-driven business model at Razorhorse, and we see the potential to apply the same rigor to PowerUP.
Nic Humphries, Executive Chairman and Senior Partner at Hg

About Hg
Hg is a leading software and services investor focused on supporting companies that are changing the way we do business. Deep technological expertise, complemented by vertical application specialization and dedicated operational support, offers a compelling proposition to management teams looking to grow their businesses. Hg has funds under management of over $ 37 billion, with an investment team of over 140 professionals, plus a portfolio team of over 35 operators, providing hands-on support to help our businesses achieve their ambitions of growth. Headquartered in London, Munich and New York, Hg has a portfolio of more than 35 software and technology companies, with a global value of approximately $ 70 billion, with more than 55,000 employees worldwide, with growth by more than 20% per year. Visit www.hgcapital.com for more information.

About PowerUP Scholarship Fund, Inc.
PowerUP was founded by Austin Scee and Mike Gandy Auzenne who were twinned in the Big Brothers Big Sisters (“BBBS”) program in Atlanta in 1997. Thanks to Austin’s mentorship, Mike moved from projects in Atlanta to Colgate , Wall Street, Harvard Business School (“HBS”) and beyond. In 2016, when Mike graduated from HBS, he and Austin set out to create a mentoring model that could provide the essentials of the mentorship Mike received through a more scalable model. In early 2017, the couple founded PowerUP. Visit www.powerupscholarship.org for more information.

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