The Smith Brothers Family Foundation helps PowerUP make an impact


The Smith Brothers Family Foundation has signed up as a Blue Belt level sponsor.

We’re proud of Mike, and we’re thrilled to be supporting PowerUP so they can help hundreds of kids get the kind of benefits Mike got from his relationship with Austin.

– Scott and Sean Smith

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, Nov 3, 2021 / – PowerUP, an Atlanta-based mentorship program for underprivileged youth, announces that the Smith Brothers Family Foundation has signed up as a Blue Level Sponsor Belt.

Their contribution will enable PowerUP to provide high-quality mentorship to more than 30 children in the Atlanta metro area.

“Sean and Scott met Mike [Gandy Auzenne] shortly after that he and I were matched, and have seen our relationship grow over the years. Their support for PowerUP means a lot to me, ”said Austin Scee, Founder of PowerUP.

PowerUP founders Mike and Austin were twinned in 1997 by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Atlanta. Through their friendship, Austin introduced Mike to Scott and Sean.

“I remember hanging out with Austin and his friends when I was nine or ten. Back then, I thought Sean and Scott were just two hilarious guys Austin knew. Looking back, I thought about it. I realized that I was learning to interact with motivated, motivated people. This access made it much easier for me to connect with people I would meet later in life at Colgate, on Wall Street and at school. commerce, ”said Mike, co-founder of PowerUP.

“It seems it was only yesterday that we first met Mike. We are proud of Mike, and we are delighted to be supporting PowerUP so they can help hundreds of kids get the kind of. ‘benefits Mike got from his relationship with Austin,’ Scott and Sean shared.

About Scott and Sean Smith

Both educated at the University of Kentucky, brothers Scott and Sean have worked together for decades. They are the founders of several companies, including The Castellan Group, a registered independent investment adviser, and Zelis Healthcare, a leading healthcare payments company.

About PowerUP

PowerUP was founded by Austin Scee and Mike Gandy Auzenne who were twinned in the Big Brothers Big Sisters (“BBBS”) program in Atlanta in 1997. Thanks to Austin’s mentorship, Mike moved from projects in Atlanta to Colgate , Wall Street, Harvard Business School (“HBS”) and beyond. In 2016, when Mike graduated from HBS, he and Austin set out to create a mentoring model that could provide the essentials of the mentorship Mike received through a more scalable model. In early 2017, the couple founded PowerUP.

PowerUP partners with senseis martial arts for their dedication to the education and personal development of at-risk youth. PowerUP senseis teach core values ​​such as self-control, resilience and respect and are able to effectively mentor 30-60 children with proven results. Martial arts are unique among other sporting activities in that these values ​​are deeply rooted in training and culture.

With its highly scalable model, PowerUP has seen a growth of over 500% in the number of participants over the past three years and aims to serve over 1,000 students by the end of 2022.

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